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2750 sqft

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Swimming pool


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Terrace Garden

A serene rooftop oasis, blending nature and urban living beautifully.

Jogging / Walking Track

Start your day with a dose of health and chatter, with our walking/jogging track!

Club House

Make celebrations even more memorable at our party hall!

Vaastu Compliant

Vastu compliant homes align with ancient principles for harmonious living spaces.

Abundant Ventilation & Lighting

Ample ventilation, radiant lighting, fostering comfort, vitality, and productivity indoors.

Facility for Departmental Store

With this well-stocked supermarket within the community, convenience LITERALLY is at your doorstep!

Facility for Pharmacy / Clinic

ntegrated pharma/clinic in apartments: convenient healthcare access, wellness-focused living environment.

Semi basketball court

Add physical fitness to your child’s life at our full basketball court!

Open Air-Amphitheatre

Make live matches even more lively, at our Open Air Theatre!

Elderly Seating Decks on Terrace

Relaxation spaces, scenic views, safe, comfortable seating.

Kids Zone with Sand Pit & Play Equipment

Gift your child the best childhood with ASBL Spectra because these are the playgrounds of memorie


Open gymnasium

24hours Security with CCTV Cameras

Ensuring safety, peace of mind, and protection